3 Ways to Boost Employee Morale With Chocolate

3 Ways to Boost Employee Morale With Chocolate

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, thousands of people have been severely impacted in terms of developing mood disorders. Many have even suffered from increased anxiety, depression, sadness, sleep problems and perceived social isolation. So, as it stands, employee morale is currently at its lowest. Perhaps your business has been impacted by Coronavirus, or your employees have been concerned whether they would have a job during the lockdown. They are facing worries over their finances as well as possible mental health disorders. As an employer, if you want your workers to be prepared to help build your business back up and work hard, then you need to ensure you are boosting their morale and caring for their mental health.

But with the pandemic forcing business budgets to drop, how can you care for your employees? Of course, you can’t afford to spend lots of money, but you don’t want to disregard employee morale either. That is where The Famous 1657 Chocolate House comes into play! We are the perfect budget-friendly way to treat your workers and make them feel better. Chocolate gifts are a great way to boost serotonin and make employees feel appreciated as well as cared for properly.

Here is how we can help you give back to your employees:

Remote Worker Treats

With Covid-19 forcing many businesses to switch to remote working, you may still have employees completing their tasks from home. However, this shouldn’t prevent you from boosting their morale and making them feel motivated during these highly uncertain times.

Our 1657 Chocolate House can provide your workers with bespoke chocolate boxes, hand-chosen by you to ensure they receive only the flavours they love! You can be as specific as you want with flavours like Crème Brûlée and Coffee Truffle or go for chocolates.

We have the capability of delivering these to your employees ourselves, meaning all you have to do is choose the box size and chocolates! Then, order them in time for your next Zoom meeting so you can all enjoy them together, or just before the weekend as a well-wish gift before time off.

Communal Chocolates

Office life can be monotonous for many employees who don’t engage well with their work environment. Perhaps they don’t feel connected to their colleagues, or the space doesn’t feel welcoming enough. So if you want to boost employee morale and make them excited to come to work the next day, then a bespoke 1657 Chocolate House box for the office is perfect!

The pick n mix nature of our business means you can choose from a wide variety of chocolate for your own bespoke chocolate box. This ensures there will be something for every employee’s tastes, guaranteeing that the box is left completely empty by the end of the day. 

Your employees can socialise in the communal room during breaks and lunchtimes, allowing them to get to know each other better. This means they will work better together and feel more motivated. In turn, this creates a better environment where they feel comfortable and happy.

Employee of the Month

Many businesses have an Employee of the Month scheme where they reward the employees who have been working the hardest. If you are looking for a new way to treat your workers, having a bespoke chocolate box for the Employee of the Month is a great idea! Other rewards like coffee shop gift cards might seem like a quick and easy reward, but not everyone likes coffee, and some may be left disappointed. However, more than two-fifths of Brits confess to being chocoholics, making it an ideal reward to suit every new Employee of the Month!

Our 1657 Chocolate House has a wide range of boxes that come in all different shapes and sizes available for you to choose from based on your budget. Give your chosen employee of the Month the chance to pick and choose from a variety of chocolates they would love in their box, so you know you are giving them something they will finish. This means your money won’t go to waste, and your employees will be excited to win that coveted Employee of the Month award.

At a time when employee morale is at its lowest, providing your workers with something to look forward to is essential. Eating chocolate releases serotonin and dopamine, which boosts our mood, provides us with joy and improves our motor function. This not only means you’ll have happier employees, but they will be more focused and determined in their work too.

Check out our website today to learn more about The Famous 1657 Chocolate House and how we can provide you with top-quality chocolate for all your excellent employees. With a vast range of flavoursome chocolates and different sized bespoke chocolate boxes available, you are bound to make something your employees will truly appreciate!

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