Best Ways To Spend NYE At Home

Best Ways To Spend NYE At Home

Last year, we were all forced to spend New Year’s celebrations at home due to lockdown restrictions that were in place. This followed such a miserable 2020, meaning we were over the moon to see the back of it. Too bad we couldn’t celebrate with family and friends, however.

Although many of us are more than happy to celebrate the New Year by going out to parties and watching fireworks displays, some are opting to avoid the chaos instead. If so, then you can still have fun at home!

Throw a party for all to enjoy.

Not going out doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a party; just do it on a smaller scale instead. Go out to fetch drinks and food, party poppers, confetti, balloons – anything you can think of. And, if you’re feeling extra spicy, grab some fireworks as well. But be sure to warn neighbours, though!

Put a twist on the theme. It can be the Roaring Twenties, Disco, Masquerade, or simply go in your Pajamas. It’s your own home, so make your own rules. If in doubt, ask the kids what they want the theme to be. This will surely cause some laughs in the household as you never know what they’ll settle on! But get in the spirit and make some memories.

Set up a games night with the kids.

If partying isn’t your thing, then have a nice chilled out games night with the kids. This can either be video games, board games or both. Whatever pleases everyone the most, go with it!

Games are great for bonding and having a fun time. But, who knows what everyone might be good at? Dad may be a master at scrabble, Mum a whizz at Monopoly, and the kids could be divas at Twister. The only way you’ll all find out is if you give it a good try.

This is a sure-fire way of passing the time and enjoying yourselves. Games are universally loved unless you’re the one always losing at them! So use this as an opportunity to practice!

Enjoy film night with the family and chocolates.

Something even more chilled is a film night. Cosy up with the family and grab some popcorn, drinks and a whole load of delicious chocolate. At The Famous 1657 Chocolate House, we have Bespoke Chocolate Boxes, Pre-Made Chocolate Boxes, Loose Chocolate, and Luxury Chocolate Gifts for you to choose from. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

Family-friendly films and chocolates – what a combo! We can just imagine it now – the heating is on, a fluffy blanket covers the entirety of the sofa, popcorn is being handed out to everyone and chocolates are being savoured one by one. This is a dream night for many, us included!

And you can pick and mix your favourite chocolates – what’s there not to love?!

Do some karaoke to embarrass yourself in front of everyone.

When was the last time you partook in a night of karaoke? Well, use this New Year’s Eve as an excuse to channel your inner Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey! The kids might be a bit tentative to join in, but you can surely win them over when you hit that first high note.

Although you might embarrass yourself in front of everyone, you’ll be creating lasting memories that will stick in the minds of your family forever. Pretend you’re on stage performing in front of a sold-out crowd, singing your heart out to loud applause and cheer. What an amazing feeling!

This is something many people may not do on New Year’s. But it is definitely a unique one!

How you can start the New Year with The Famous 1657 Chocolate House.

Like we’ve already mentioned above, you can start the year off with a bang by having our chocolates as your New Year’s snack of choice! We are an internationally renowned haven for chocoholics of all kinds. Are you a white, dark or milk chocolate kind of lover? What about mint, orange, or even caramel flavours that melt on your tongue? We have all of that and MORE!

Chocolate is a way of life. We pour our hearts and souls into every single piece we make, all so you can enjoy those few moments savouring each and every bite. So, if you are stuck on ideas this year or want to put a smile on everybody’s faces, then choose us!

Check out our website to learn more about the delicious chocolates we have on offer. A great range of chocolate gift boxes is available to suit your needs, whether you want to throw a party, enjoy a movie with the family, or have a game night with the kids. And, our extensive lineup of fabulous flavours means there is undoubtedly something which everyone will love!

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