Our Halloween Must-Haves

Our Halloween Must-Haves

Happy Halloween! We absolutely love this time of year as we can go around with the kids trick or treating, ultimately coming home with a massive assortment of our favourite chocolates! This can be the perfect time to try something new as there are so many different flavours out there. But it can be equally amazing to give out these treats at the same time. Everyone can have fun!

Last year was a complete write-off. Depending on where you lived, trick or treating was either discouraged or strictly banned due to lockdown restrictions at the time. But, now that they have been lifted, we can once again go about knocking on doors and getting in the holiday spirit! So, if you are staying at home this year, then be ready for all the little trick or treaters making up for the lost time. Our chocolate treats are perfect for everyone – and here’s why:

They are luxurious.

Considering last year was a massive disaster for pretty much everybody during Halloween, why not push the boat out and give the kids something amazing to remember? At The Famous 1657 Chocolate House, our chocolates are oozing with quality. We put our heart and soul into designing each and every single treat so you can savour them to the very last bite!

If you want different chocolates for each trick or treater, then browse our bespoke chocolate boxes section and choose the amount you’d like to give out. Or, if you are spoilt for choice, perhaps look to our premade chocolate boxes section, where we can eliminate that difficult dilemma entirely! Whatever the decision you make, you will be making a lot of children happy!

They are truly unique.

When we think of Halloween chocolate, our minds always go directly to the same old treat size bags. And although there’s nothing wrong with that in the slightest, we just think that more effort can go into making your house the one all the kids enjoy going to every Halloween.

That is why you should give them a truly unique surprise every year, with this year being the one to try some of our chocolates! For example, we have a Dark Orange Truffle – which is coincidentally Halloween themed through its design – as well as White Caramel Fudge and Sticky Toffee, just to name a few. These treats may not be anything they’ve ever had before, but they will be delighted when taking that first bite. The flavours and textures are super sublime!

There are so many options.

We would like to list all the different types of chocolates we have available, but think we’d be here all day naming each one! Have a look yourself and find out which stands out the most. 

We have something for everyone from dark, white and even milk chocolates to choose from, with each presenting their own twist on the usual formula. For dark chocolate lovers, we have Dark Lemon, Dark Marzipan, Dark Rose Cream, just for starters. And, for our white chocolate fans, Vanilla Praline, Vanilla Truffle and Orange Cream, to name a few. But, if you prefer good, old milk chocolate, we have Soft Caramel, Raspberry Teardrop and Mint Crisp on offer to take your fancy. And, of course, in-store, we have even more flavours to discover. 

Make sure your trick and treaters have a delicious selection to choose from – we don’t want their options to be limited, now do we?!

The kids can choose their favourites.

Everyone has their go-to chocolates, even kids! Some may not like nuts as they can be allergic or simply dislike them, while others may need gluten-free alternatives. With our chocolates, we can please everyone! For instance, our White Chocolate Fudge Cylinder is gluten-free, and we have vegan treats, too, such as the Vegan Raspberry or Vegan Chocolate Orange.

On top of this, we also have no-added-sugar chocolates too. You can choose from flavours, such as the Dark Ganache, Crispy Praline and Salted Caramel. Look to pick and choose which ones you want yourself if you are certain of the dietary requirements for neighbour children. Or have us pre-select them, giving us the special requirements you need for the contents of the box.

Then they can find which chocolate is perfect for them!

Quite simply, they taste divine.

And, after all, we can’t just forget about the taste! Our 1657 Chocolate House is internationally renowned as a haven for chocoholics. We love chocolate ourselves and hope to share that passion with you and all your little trick or treaters this Halloween. Every single one of our chocolates is created with a sense of quality you will find nowhere else.

To find out more, visit our website and browse around to find the Halloween chocolates you are after. Or, if you are in the area at all, stop by and check out our 1657 Chocolate House to see all our amazing treats! So, let us know if you need anything and Happy Halloween!

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