Say Thank You To Your Team With Chocolates

Say Thank You To Your Team With Chocolates

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses have had to put their operations on hold, furlough employees, have them work at home or even still attend the site provided they take extra precautions. Because of this, a lot of individuals have felt uncertain about what lies ahead.

As an employer, you may feel you want to give back to your employees for their patience and hard work, and we have just the thing – chocolate! Everyone can enjoy chocolate, and these little heavenly treats can also be a great small addition to an even larger gesture.

It is crucial to say thank you to employees as it will make them feel that they are appreciated. They will therefore know that they have an amazing manager that cares as well! So here is a selection of some great ideas that’ll be sure to say thank you to your employees:

Build Your Own Box of Chocolates

To add a little more personalisation, why not create your very own box of chocolates for the team to indulge on? Find out what their favourite flavours are, or better yet, design a box that suits them. You can have a joke with one another over someone being ‘soft like caramel’!

The great thing about this option is that you won’t have any chocolate left over that many are unkeen on. It also proves to the recipients that thought went into the gift too. Of course, we also have ready-made, sugar-free boxes of chocolates if preferred.

Chocolate Hamper

Why not go all out with a chocolate hamper? These delightful bundles can come in orange, mint, milk and dark chocolate, all beautifully wrapped in one big package. This could be the ideal thank-you gift for a team because there are lots of choices and enough to go around!

At The Famous 1657 Chocolate House, we love a good chocolate hamper. They are so luxurious and pretty to look at; we don’t want to ruin them. But we have to as we just love chocolate too much to see it go to waste! So it’s a painful choice, although the latter wins!

Chocolate Dippers

For something a little more simple but just as tasty, treat your team to a selection of chocolate dippers. Both ginger chocolate dippers and orange chocolate dippers will be sure to go down a treat. What’s more, you could also do a tea run for the team and give them the dippers to accompany their beverages. This is the perfect afternoon treat!

Chocolate Gift Vouchers

Why not push the boat out and treat everybody to a gift voucher? This would work perfectly if your team isn’t too large and you’re unsure what they’d like. Gift vouchers can come in various amounts – £15, £20 and £25 etc. They would give everybody the luxury of choosing some treats they know they’d enjoy. This is a very kind gesture that you can’t go wrong with!

Gift vouchers may not be the most thoughtful gift ever, but they ensure your colleagues get exactly what they want. Do they not like white chocolate? Then don’t worry. Is mint chocolate not their thing? Then you’ll be glad to know that there won’t be any left when they’re finished. This gift is ideal for everyone and makes sure no one misses out at all!

Create Your Own Gift

If none of the above tickles your fancy, then why not create your own gift bag? It could include three bags of couverture which consists of dark, milk and white chocolate goodness. Visit our website for the full selection of chocolate goodies that we have on offer so that you can create the ideal gift for your employees. You can make your thank you gift as personal as you wish, and we will give you the ingredients. 

Have we given you inspiration for saying thank you to your employees with chocolate? One thing is for certain; you can never go wrong with chocolate treats. However, during uncertain times, we believe little incentives will make a massive difference to your colleagues.

Here at The Famous 1657 Chocolate House, we only stock the most wonderful chocolates that are lovingly delicious. We also do this with a smile on our faces! If you require further details of our products, as well as the ones that we haven’t showcased on our website, please feel free to contact us on 01539 740702 today for more information.

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