The Benefits Of Bespoke Chocolate Boxes

The Benefits Of Bespoke Chocolate Boxes

We all love a bespoke chocolate box! Whatever the occasion may be, it is highly therapeutic to sit down on the sofa to devour them all one by one. Of course, some people like to make them last, only snacking on a couple per night, while others finish the box in one sitting. But the main thing everyone has in common is the disappointment felt when only the bad chocolates remain. We’d much rather have a chocolate box we can fully finish than feel guilty wasting the final few.

So when it comes to giving others a chocolate box present, we know they will be leaving a few behind themselves as well. Why waste money on a gift you can’t guarantee your recipient will like? Well, at The Famous 1657 Chocolate House, we have a bespoke chocolate box that allows you to select any chocolate you want to include in a variety of different flavours. This means you can pick the perfect chocolates for each recipient, knowing they will be overjoyed!

Here is why bespoke chocolate boxes are the perfect personalised gifts all year round:

Pick n Mix Chocolates

Do you want to give your sister-in-law, best friend or work friend a box of chocolates? Don’t leave them half-satisfied with a combination of flavours they don’t like. Instead, a bespoke chocolate box will allow you to pick and mix each chocolate you know they’ll love! Skip the creams or the praline, white or dark chocolate, and fill it to the brim with the ones they prefer.

At our 1657 Chocolate House, we have a vast range of treats available for you to include in your bespoke chocolate box. We essentially operate as a Pick n Mix but for chocolates, allowing you to decide whatever flavours you want. For example, you can fill the box with Orange Truffles or split it between Salted Caramel and Strawberry Cream if you’d like. Perhaps your recipient is a mint lover and would prefer a mixture of Mint Caramel and Mint Crunch. Rather than worrying about chocolates they don’t like, you’ll be fussing over which amazing ones to choose!

Chocolate All Year Round

When we think of chocolate, we often correlate it to Christmas and Easter. These are the periods of the year we eat chocolate the most, stuffing ourselves silly. But that doesn’t mean we are limited to gifting chocolate boxes only on these holidays. Chocolate can be the perfect gift all year round, especially for people who are harder to shop for. It removes the stress from shopping as you can give them something tasty and personalised, something more thoughtful.

Did you know that the average UK person consumes 8.1 kilograms of chocolate per year? We just love chocolate! Our bespoke chocolate boxes make great thank yous, teacher’s gifts and congratulation presents. When there’s a job promotion or friend you want to thank, it can be hard finding an appropriate gift. You don’t want to spend too much money or buy alcohol; they may not even drink. A bespoke chocolate box is, therefore, the perfect gift for those occasions where it can be confusing to find the right present. It’s always a welcome surprise for us all!

Personal Gift

And finally, the incredible thing about a bespoke chocolate box is that it is a highly personal gift for any person. As an alternative to a standard shop-bought chocolate box, you can choose from a range of tasty chocolates that are their absolute favourites.

We learn a lot about a person when spending time with them – at work or home. You will learn about a work friend’s preferences during lunch break conversations, have the flavours your mum likes ingrained in you from a young age and your partner’s top-chocolate choices at the forefront of your mind from early on in your relationship. You can finally use this information to give them a super personal gift as a thank you, happy birthday or congratulations. A bespoke chocolate box is much more considerate than you may think. It is bound to bring great joy.

Check out our website today to learn more about The Famous 1657 Chocolate House and our fantastic range of chocolate gifts. We believe in complete personalisation and allow you to choose from various boxes and chocolates to make the perfect gift for the ones you love most. So if you are local to the area or visiting the South Lakeland District of Cumbria, then come on down to the shop and indulge in fantastic chocolate drinks and dishes!

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