The Perfect Chocolate Gifts For Mother’s Day

The Perfect Chocolate Gifts For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, meaning you should be treating the most important woman in your life to something super special. This is not only a thank you token for everything she does, but it is also to make her feel celebrated on such a significant holiday of the year. As research goes, this holiday is celebrated in respect, honour and love towards mothers.

There’s just one problem when it comes to such a special occasion – what do you get her? Of course, you can always pick up the usual flowers and card combo, but maybe 2021 is the year that you decide to really spoil your mum. Also, did you know that over half of the UK population eat chocolate more than once a week? That’s almost 34 million people, and we totally get why.

Here at The Famous 1657 Chocolate House, we have made it our mission to stock the finest chocolates perfect for all occasions throughout the year. As a gourmet chocolate shop, we only sell chocolate that has been made with the most high-quality ingredients and flavours to get our customers’ taste buds tingling. 

If your mum is a chocoholic, then you’ve come to the right place! Here are some of the most perfect Mother’s Day gifts you could have ever imagined:

32-Piece Chocolate Collection

The first chocolate gift idea we’re going to address is a classic box of chocolates. This 32-piece box of heaven includes a great assortment of randomly selected delights for mum to snack on. There may be milk, dark or white chocolate. Some may have notes of caramel or orange, while others could have textures of truffle and biscuit. Either way, there will certainly be some indulging going on!

Being so varied, this is the perfect chocolate gift for Mother’s Day because she is bound to like at least one of the tantalising taste sensations, if not all of them. This delicious gourmet chocolate box is full of mystery and luxury, the ideal present for an obsessed chocolate fiend!

Chocolate Make-Up Set

This chocolate gift idea is a little more personal. If your mum is a beauty guru, these edible make-up products would not only look the part but taste amazing too! Delectable chocolate doesn’t have to just come in ordinary forms – this set instead adds a fun twist she’d love.

If your mum’s interests don’t lie in make-up, we have other sets that may be more suited to her. For instance, our Chocolate Equestrian Set is the ideal gift idea for those ladies who own horses or have a hobby within the horse riding industry. However, if neither of these is suited to your mum’s tastes, explore the rest of our website for our full selection of chocolate-based gifts. We guarantee there will be something truly ideal for her! 

Chocolate Hamper

Another classic gift is the chocolate hamper. If your mum prefers a classic choccy or likes to mix it up with variations of sweet treats, this hamper ticks all of the boxes. With such a vast array of products in one gift, such as crunchy chocolate sticks and chocolate fudge, you can’t go wrong.

If the common flavourings aren’t to your mum’s liking, don’t fear because this chocolate hamper is also available in Mint and Orange Chocolate flavours too!

Chocolate Gift Vouchers

If all else fails, why not stick with a chocolate gift voucher? To some, this may seem impersonal. But in reality, you are giving your mum the chance to choose what she wants depending on what she fancies at that moment. Maybe she wants to take the opportunity to try something new or has been craving a particular taste for some time. A gift card gives her the key to choosing what quality chocolates she desires as opposed to what you think she wants. 

Are any of these your idea of the perfect chocolate gifts for Mother’s Day? If not, don’t forget that our handmade chocolates come in so many other different forms. Our additional bespoke service also allows you to ‘build your own’ chocolate gifts for your loved ones. This way, you are guaranteed to give your mum a gift that she will adore!

What are you waiting for?! Our high-end chocolates are just one click away! Head over to our website to explore a creamy world of goodness. We only create gourmet-level chocolate, making us the best chocolatiers in all of Cumbria, as well as internationally too!

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