Top Reasons To Have Chocolate Wedding Favours

Top Reasons To Have Chocolate Wedding Favours

When planning a wedding, your mind is often focused on big things like the venue, registrar, dress and food. But couples seem to forget about the wedding favours until a few weeks before the big day where they are left scrambling for something to give their guests. Panicking about what to do, couples can even rush to spend hundreds of pounds on favours when more time and consideration could have been put in to cut these costs down considerably. 

Hopefully, we have caught your attention at the right time – in the process of planning all the different aspects of your wedding. Here at The Famous 1657 Chocolate House, we want you to know that you don’t have to follow the trends of other couples and submit to the pressures of buying expensive gifts. Instead, you can put together favours that are heartfelt, in-budget and sweet!

Here are the top reasons why chocolate wedding favours are the best idea for your wedding, allowing you to give your guests something they will all love, appreciate and remember:

Everybody Loves Chocolate

When it comes to choosing a wedding favour, it can be hard finding something everybody likes. Moreover, it can be hard to settle on something you think everyone will appreciate with such a varied wedding guest list with children, young adults, grandparents, and colleagues. And, choosing lots of different wedding favours like personalised glasses, activity books, candles or even something traditional like seeds, can soon become very costly.

The great thing about chocolate wedding favours is that everybody loves chocolate! There’s only a small few of us who can’t or don’t eat chocolate because of lactose intolerance, allergies or preference. But, for the most part, chocolate is a great wedding favour for couples looking for something every person at their wedding will enjoy – old and young!

Good Variety

A fantastic thing about chocolate wedding favours from The Famous 1657 Chocolate House is that there is a vast variety of chocolates to choose from. This means you can find something to suit everybody’s tastes, allergies, preferences and even your own wedding theme. For example, is everything ivory, clean and fresh? Then our caramel fudge, hazelnut praline or crème brûlée will be perfect with their smooth and elegant finish. Alternatively, suppose you are hosting a bright, lively party for your wedding. In that case, our cassis and champagne, Bailey’s cream or mango chilli & ginger may better suit the event with their pop of colour and unique flavours.

Our personalised gift boxes allow you to choose the chocolates your guests will love. Pick as many of each type, then mix and match to provide guests with multiple flavours!

People Will Use Them!

Unfortunately for the bride and groom, guests don’t always use their favours – or even take them home! Popular wedding favours like personalised bottle openers, and lip balm might be used on the night, but you may find that lots of unused or half-used items will be left behind. People don’t do this to spite you and the money you have spent, but because they don’t find a use for this item in their home. Or maybe they are just too drunk to remember to pocket the item.

This is why chocolate favours are the best option for couples who want the items to be used. Chocolates can be consumed on the night as guests are dancing, drinking and socialising. As the old and young love them, it isn’t something some people will consider ‘useless’. But instead, it can make money you spent worthwhile, eating them there and then with grinning smiles.

Cheaper Than Booze

Couples in the UK on average spend upwards of £600 on wedding favours for their wedding. You might be wondering how this cost can get so high, but couples often opt for personalised favours or booze. For example, his and her miniatures have been popular favours to leave on the tables for adult guests. And, while many of the guests will appreciate this, it is incredibly costly – especially if your venue has a corkage fee (because technically, you are bringing alcohol into their venue).

Chocolate favours don’t have to be extremely expensive, as you can buy them in bulk (a box of 30 chocolates costing just less than £1 per chocolate!) and separate them into your favour bags. You can personalise the bags for each guest with their name and pick out specific chocolates for your wedding party for your family whose tastes you know best.

Check out our website to learn more about the amazing range of chocolates we have to offer. So whether you are looking for unique wedding favours or a smaller gift for an upcoming birthday, we have something to suit all your needs. We are an internationally renowned chocolate house and a haven for all chocoholics! Also, you can now order your favourite chocolates online!

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