Bespoke Chocolate Boxes For Teachers

Bespoke Chocolate Boxes For Teachers

It’s finally the end of the Summer holidays, so you know what that means – back to school time!

As the kids head back to class once again, it may be worth giving it a thought to their teachers, who have been extremely helpful throughout the pandemic. Despite the setbacks, having to teach via Zoom and generally dealing with coronavirus issues, teachers have powered through and helped children learn during such a difficult period.

This has led to confusion and stress for teachers who have been unsure of obligations and how to maintain connections with students to support learning. For many, school closures have led to furloughs or separations for teachers. This has had adverse consequences regarding wellbeing.

So, to say a big thank you to your child’s favourite teachers, why not treat them to a wonderful surprise?! And nothing says thank you more than chocolates!

Here are some truly unique treat ideas you should be considering right now:

Build your own bespoke chocolate box.

At The Famous 1657 Chocolate House, we offer a personalised chocolate box selection. Firstly, choose the right box size for you – from either 8, 10, 16, 18, 30 or even 50 chocolates per box! There are three styles to choose from Red Polka Dot, Chocolate House 1657, Black & White Abstract. Then, browse our extensive collections and choose the chocolates that stand out to you the most! If they are a chocoholic, then mix and match. Or if they like a specific type of chocolate, be it white, dark or milk, then fill it with those. Lastly, we will deliver your chocolate box safely and soundly. If there are any problems, then just let us know, and we can sort them!

Have us pick and choose a chocolate box.

Unsure of what to choose out of our massive library of chocolates? Then we can take that choice away and handpick the box with your instructions! So have a browse of our premade chocolate boxes which are beautifully designed to add that extra ounce of quality.

They come in sizes ranging from 4 all the way up to 32, so you have plenty of options! After you have told us your special requirements, if any, we will carefully pick and choose a great lineup of chocolates that are sure to blow their minds! This saves you the time and hassle of having to pick out the chocolates yourself in the bespoke chocolate box section. Instead, we will masterfully sort it out on your behalf. It’s a win-win for everybody involved!

Give them an assortment of quirky chocolate bars.

A lot of chocolate bars out there on the market can very much merge with one another. There are so many Cadbury and Nestle chocolate bars too similar or not unique enough to stand out from the crowd. Your teacher will appreciate these chocolate bars but will have experienced the textures, tastes and flavours time and time again. That is where we come in to help out!

At our 1657 Chocolate House, we have Rhubarb Gin Milk Chocolate, Raspberry Gin Milk Chocolate, Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate, Raspberry and Rose Milk Chocolate, and Orange Dark Chocolate bars from Choc Affair! These flavours are wildly imaginative and entirely unlike anything you or they have had before. So pick a few up and see them fall in love!

Put a smile on their face with a personalised chocolate set.

We all have our likes and dislikes. Maybe your child’s teacher loves animals. So give them the gift of Jungle Animals Trio Chocolate or Down on the Farm Chocolate. Perhaps it’s beauty products, so the Chocolate Makeup Set is their thing, or sports so that the Chocolate Football Kit Set will be ideal. We also have a Chocolate Tool Kit, Chocolate Fishing Set, and Chocolate Equestrian Set available for you to choose from. And they all taste absolutely incredible!

A personalised chocolate set will show them how much you really care. Generic chocolate sets with no meaning will be less impactful. Something much more considerate is needed following the year our teachers have had to put up with. So treat them, let them know they really matter!

If liqueurs are their favourite, then give them the gift of liquor-infused chocolate.

Lastly, we have a chocolate box on offer that is perfect for those who enjoy their alcoholic beverages! The Assorted Dark Chocolate Liqueurs are available for you to pick up. These chocolates are luxurious with a hint of alcohol that is amazing to indulge in after a hard day’s work. This is perfect for teachers who have had to endure such a stressful pandemic period.

To find out more, visit our website and browse around to find the chocolates you are after. Or, if you are in the area at all, stop by and check out our 1657 Chocolate House to see all the amazing treats in their glory! Let us know if you need anything, and we will be happy to help!

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